China has announced an increase in its product line with two new products



China has announced an increase in its product line with two new products:

One is threaded into the type of nozzle 06E,

The other is applied to needle-type hot runner system bolt type cylinder PNC30.

Threaded into the nozzle 06E

Nozzle 06E flow channel with 6mm diameter, length range 60-200mm, the maximum injection volume of each nozzle 100g, use of external heating, with easy-to-one replacement of the heater and easy replacement of the thermocouple. At the same time as the nozzle plate with screw fixation in the shunt,

solved slide systems stack size with the poor as a result of leakage of material problems.

When the new needle 06E jet and bolt type cylinder with a hot runner system in the same time,complete hot runner system can be pre-connected lines and pipelines, “plug and play” installation of mold.

Bolt type cylinder PNC30

PNC30 got a lot of features, including:

Demolition, adjust the valve needle without demolition template;

No need to remove the valve needle demolition template;

Bolt design, no lateral force / load to the valve needle, the valve needle easy to align;

Through the backplane to provide cooling systems, valves, needle drivers need to provide cooling pipe.