Chinese Construction Crane Enterprises Will Resort to Common Development in the Future


Chinese Construction Crane Enterprises Will Resort to Common Development in the Future
On 16 ~17 of January 2009, a “Chinese Construction Crane Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance Seminar” was held in Liaoning, Dalian Province. Many representatives from XCMG, Jingcheng Heavy Industry, Liugong, Sunward, Foton Lovol, DHI·DCW Group Co., Ltd. and many other large construction machinery enterprise, as well as many experts and professionals from Dalian University of Technology, Tongji University, Tianjin Engineering Machinery Research Institute and other research institutes attended this seminar. The seminar focused on the establishment of innovation and strategic alliance in the construction lifting machinery industry.

At present, during a critical period of Chinese economy, China is vigorously expanding domestic demand, accelerating infrastructure construction and upgrading industrial transformation. In the next decade years, the investment in large infrastructure projects will continuously increase, and the roads, railways, urban construction, new energy, water conservancy projects will grow constantly. The peak of large-scale urbanization will come. In face of the great market prospects, Chinese enterprises should work together to build a community to conduct production and technology research, through which forming core competitiveness in the industry. The crane enterprises, parts factories and research institutes should strengthen cooperation with each other and promote Chinese crane industry to develop from the phase of imitation and low-end products to creation and high-end products.

The Demand for Second-hand Construction Machinery Will Increase Greatly in 3-5 years

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