Chooing The Right Forklift

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A forklift is a terrific tool for any business and there are a wide variety of forklifts available that all can handle specific tasks. Knowing exactly what your business needs are will help you decide on which forklift works best.

Load Type:

The load capacity of the lift will directly effect how much the forklift costs, heavier load bearing lifts are much more expensive. Think about how much weight you are handling now and what you see yourself handling in the future. Always choose a forklift that can handle your required load.

Height Capacity:

If you plan on utilizing the forklift to stack pallets on racks or other high areas make sure the forklift is designed to do this.

Location of Use:

Certain forklifts are designed to operate both in indoor and outdoor environments whereas others are designed solely for use indoors. Make sure you know your needs as an indoor forklift will not operate safely outdoors. Make sure your forklift will be able to safely travel in the location. Larger forklifts cannot safely navigate through smaller doors and passageways.

Type of Forklift:

There are two main types of lift styles: liquid propane gas (LPG) and electric. Your hourly and daily use will help you determine which style to choose. A general rule is that if you plan on using your lift for over 4 hours a day to choose a LPG forklift as the fuel canisters are quite easy to change.

When you have decide on which type of lift to go with you must decide how you want to make the purchase. For smaller businesses leasing a forklift is the best option as all maintenance is usually included and they don’t have to make a large lump sum payment. Consider your options and take a visit to your local forklift dealer.

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